Forbes Music Company believes that Teaching Partners deserve to be rewarded for the increased longevity of clients with whom they work. In short, the more lessons a teacher teaches a student, the more money that teacher can earn teaching that student.

Here's how it works: The amount of lessons a teacher will teach any given student over time is broken up into milestones. After each milestone is met, the teacher will earn a graduated percentage bonus in addition to the hourly rate:

Milestone 1: 12 lessons = 1% bonus

Milestone 2: 32 lessons = 2% bonus

Milestone 3: 65 lessons = 5% bonus

Milestone 4: 120 lessons = 7% bonus

Milestone 5: 180 lessons = 10% bonus

The moral of the story, keep a student longer and make even more money.

The Fine Print 

Our goal is to continuously improve alignment between Forbes Music and our fabulous teachers. This is a good faith bonus and a perk; however, it is not in your contract, nor is it a contractual right. Don't abuse the system.  

Not all lessons are created equal. This will only apply to completed lessons and no-shows. Some administrative discretion may apply.

Two lessons for the same individual on the same day will count as one lesson. If you choose to make-up a missed lesson by doubling up the following week, this will only count one time that week.