We are only as good as the people we work with. Here at Forbes Music, our teachers are some of our greatest allies. We develop a great reputation not only because our Teaching Partners are incredible at what they do, but also because they promote Forbes Music and evangelize who we are quickly becoming - the best and most fulfilling private music education company around! 

Forbes Music rewards teachers for any new students acquired - either those who are referred by the teacher themselves or the current students with whom they work. Our referral bonus amounts to a total of $2/hr for each lesson the referred student completes with a Forbes Music teacher. So, good news: if a teacher refers someone, and that teacher can't teach them or doesn’t have room, not to worry! That teacher will still receive a referral bonus whenever the referred student has lessons!

Here’s how it works: If a referred student completes one 60 minute lesson, the referring teacher will receive a $2 bonus (to be paid according to the pay period the lesson was scheduled). If the referred student completes a 45min lesson, the referring teacher will earn $1.5 in referral bonus wages. 

If a teacher refers 10 clients who each schedule weekly 60 minute lessons throughout the year, that teacher can potentially earn over $1,000 in referral wages alone in just 12 months!