Upon receipt of a new student added to the roster, the teacher will receive a New Student Notification via SMS messaging to the teacher’s mobile phone number. Standard text messaging rates will apply. 

A response is required to confirm the teacher has, indeed, received the new client’s information and will make the effort to connect with the new client in good faith, well before the scheduled first lesson. If no response is received, reminders will be sent daily*. 

To confirm the receipt of the new student information, follow these steps (Please note that each notification will have a unique 3-digit code):

  1. Type 3-digit code of inquiry

  2. Type “YES”

  3. Send message

Example: 456 YES 

* Reminders will continue daily until a qualifying response is received ((includes 3-digit code and YES). If the formatting is incorrect, the system may not recognize a qualifying response and continue sending reminders.