Forbes Music delivers teacher compensation distributions to Contractors (Teaching Partners) every two weeks for the payroll period immediately before the most recently ended cycle. Contractors will always be one cycle removed from the period for which they are being paid. The day/time of the lesson will govern which pay period it falls within.

Any work scheduled but not performed by the Contractor, due to cancellation by either Student or Teacher, will only be compensated after the services have been made up in accordance with our Policy. 

As of August 1st, 2020, Teachers will have one week - a total of 7 calendar days - to update the status of a lesson for payroll purposes. Qualifying compensatory lesson statuses updated after a pay period has had funds dispersed, will unfortunately be forfeited and not be paid to Contractors. 

Pay dates fall on a Monday but deposits may happen one business banking day before or after, depending on holiday occurrences. If no deposit has been made, it’s likely no qualifying completed lessons existed within the pay period or the lessons had not been updated within the required timeframe.

To view your payroll history, please log in and select "Hours" from your navigation bar. Scroll down to payments for details.