Classes will be scheduled on a rolling, [roughly] two month basis. Teachers will ultimately have the authority to request scheduling these classes on days and times of their choosing. It is recommended to work with an administrator to optimize the schedule plan, which will ensure the greatest opportunity for success. 

Once a proposal is accepted, teachers may choose to schedule as many class dates as they wish within the two month scheduling block. Classes will likely have a start date approximately 4-6 weeks from the time proposal acceptance. 

For example, if a teacher wishes to start teaching classes in September, proposals should be submitted by mid-July. If a teacher would like to start teaching classes in October, proposals should be submitted by mid-August. 

Of those classes a teacher chooses to schedule, they will be committed to those classes. Classes will only be cancelled due to zero enrollment; they will not be cancelled due to low enrollment. 

We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to teacher cancellations. Any teacher cancellations will likely result in termination of all future class offerings from that teacher.