This synopsis should be a brief summary of what the class will cover in the 45-50 minutes. Include information about why the class might be important and how this may help the attendee. This information is crucial in helping communicate class content, and it will inform a prospective student’s decision about whether this class will fulfill their expectations. 

For example, a synopsis of the class entitled “Intro to Jazz for Dummies” might read something like this:

Take this class and talk about Jazz like a real connoisseur. In the Intro to Jazz for Dummies, learn about the basic history of the art form, from its humble beginnings in the South, to its expansion up the Mississippi River and eventual permeation into metropolitan areas across the country. Explore the developments of style over time, including the harmonic and rhythmic evolution through various time periods, and noteworthy artists that contributed to the language, stylistic nuance, and memorable recordings that have become essential listening for every fan. This class is a precursor to more in-depth studies. Expect some very basic, theoretical music terminology along the way. You’ll be able to drop words into conversations and now sound like a real pro!