We need to know who this class is geared towards. 

Is this for complete beginners? Should there be a requisite level of technical ability in order for a student to have a good class experience? Is it age appropriate? This class will help those students in search of what? 

An example of this for the class “Intro to Jazz for Dummies” would be:

This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning the roots of Jazz music and it’s important place stitched into the fabric of American Art. Intro to Jazz for Dummies is geared towards those 13+ years of age, with deep interest in music, music history, and the evolution of musical styles over the last hundred years. This class is a great introduction to the world of jazz, especially for those interested in potentially learning how to play this beautiful music. Experience is not required, but a basic understanding of very simple music concepts like meter, rhythm, and harmony can be helpful. Those with no experience at all are still likely to have a great time and learn a lot! This is a suggested prerequisite for more in-depth classes on Jazz history, stylistic periods, important artists, and jazz theory.