Creating a positive online class experience requires a lot of forethought, planning, and preparation. Professionalism is the most critical piece in the delivery of the class itself. Professional delivery, demeanor, and execution will ultimately determine how successful your class becomes, regardless of the content covered. To this end, Forbes Music will only be promoting classes that satisfy a few simple requirements. 

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Professional Background

Making sure the background is professional, presentable, and elegant will make students feel comfortable and at ease. Professional backgrounds may be something as simple as a clean blank wall, a wall with bookcases, walls with framed or canvas art, etc. A background can even include a music studio. 

Dilapidated walls with paint chipping, posters pinned up are not acceptable. Bed headboards, hallways, kitchens, or open closets in the camera frame are not acceptable backgrounds. There should never be other people entering the camera frame, regardless of whether they are in foreground or background. 

2-Camera Set-up

A second camera may not be necessary for every kind of class. This may be instrument specific, as piano, upright bass, cello, and guitar may require a second camera in order to make the experience a positive one. For theory classes, music appreciation, voice, flute, etc, a second camera may not be necessary. 

Screen sharing to convey conceptual information like written music examples and digital audio and production will likely be a critical component. Please visit our Help Center article regarding video considerations to learn more about related camera information.

External Microphone

Computer and phone audio, as well as earbuds, are not sufficient audio inputs for conducting successful classes. From background noise to poor clarity, these options are not conducive to a successful teaching environment. 

For helpful audio suggestions, please refer to the Help Center article regarding audio considerations.

Zoom Paid Account

These classes will be delivered using Zoom video conference software. Teachers are required to have their own Zoom accounts in order to deliver a class. In order to conduct a class longer than 40 minutes with 3+ attendees, Zoom requires a paid version of their software. 

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