What skills are necessary for the attendee to have in order to have a successful class experience. A guitar student with no experience who signs up for “Advanced Jazz Improvisation” will not likely have a good class experience. Conversely, an advanced piano student may be bored in a class geared towards beginners. This step will help the potential attendee understand if they are a good fit for the class content. 

List each skill needed on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the most advanced, and identify the level of expertise needed to find a reasonable amount of success. 

For example, the skills necessary for the class titled “Intro to Jazz for Dummies”, would be:

Listening skills = 1

Basic terminology = 1

For comparison, the skills necessary for “Advanced Blues Soloing”, might be:

Multi-position Blues scales = 4

Triad inversions = 3

Alternate picking = 3

Note bending = 4

Hammer-ons & Pull-offs = 4