At Forbes Music, we’re a group of professionals deeply committed to providing an exceptional client experience. We deliver professional services in a professional way, and work tirelessly to ensure client happiness at every point in our client life cycle. 

Private lessons are a very personal experience. Whether in-home or online, teachers develop very personal relationships with their clients and often become lifelong friends and mentors. 

As parents, we can be nervous and anxious about who we invite into our home to work with our children. As students, we can build walls and be shy or intimidated around a new person who possesses the skills we so badly wish we could have. 

Developing a strong relationship with a new family takes time. We’re not just a computer. We’re not an email or an invoice or an app. We’re people. And we’re some of the best people doing what we do. For families to be comfortable around new people - in this case, teachers - it requires us going the extra mile to tear down those walls and be the friendly face they need. 

This all starts with a phone call. 

Introduce yourself. Confirm the lesson day and time. Ask questions about their prior experience, if any. Make a point to learn about the styles of music they like and the songs they love. Be sure to ask about video conference platforms, or any parking information or special driving instructions you may need. 

New clients are told that their teacher will be reaching out shortly. Clients will often choose to go elsewhere if they never heard from the teacher, or they may assume the lesson is not happening. This is not uncommon.

The first phone call will set the stage for a very strong first impression and hopefully many successful lessons to come.