We have many ways to communicate with clients. Some many have strong preferences with how they choose to message. 


Email is a great method to send important information to clients. Topics can be kept in threads, and there will always be a “paper trail” even if you lose a phone number or text. Email will not always get answered very quickly, and it’s difficult to know if the message always reaches the intended target. 


Text can be a great way to send short notes and get quick answers from clients (or the office). The drawback is that texts tend to lack formality and proper grammar, which can often lead to confusion and miscommunication. Additionally, clients will often answer scheduling questions by text without referencing their calendars, which can often lead to more frequent cancellations. 


This is an excellent way to communicate with clients if complex scheduling or student deportment needs to be discussed. However, phone calls lack documentation or any record of what was discussed. If there is important scheduling information that is resolved, it’s best to send a follow up email or text to the client so there is written documentation for reference.

Lesson Content

We now have the ability to share with families details about their lessons. When marking a lesson completed, please use the “Shared Notes” field to include details about the lessons that will be shared with the client. These notes will be curated and sent by the admin to the client’s email.