In order for a lesson to be eligible for reschedule, appropriate advance notice is required. Advance notice for in-home lessons is before 5pm the day prior to the lesson. For online lessons, notice is required a minimum of 6 hours prior to the lesson. 

If the student reaches out to cancel their lesson after the cut-off time, the lesson will unfortunately not be eligible for reschedule. In order to maintain a positive working relationship with the client and not be guilted into making unwanted exceptions, please insist that the client contact the office to discuss cancellation policies. 

Any discussion about availability will likely send the message to the client that they will be able to reschedule this lesson. If the client feels that the teacher indicates the lesson can be rescheduled at a later date, the Company position will be to grant the exception. To avoid any miscommunication, please avoid discussion about availability or rescheduling and simply ask the client to contact the office to discuss cancellation policies. 

We recommend a short, canned response like the following:

Thank you for reaching out. Please contact the office at[email protected] to discuss cancellations or rescheduling. Unfortunately, without contacting the office, there may be little I can do to help. Thanks!

Please call, text, or email the office with details, or log into your account to update the lesson accordingly:

  1. Nav-> Calendar

  2. Select “Calendar”

  3. Identify and select the lesson being canceled

  4. Click the “Complete” option

  5. Scroll to the status section and update the status to “Insufficient Notice”

  6. Add “Internal Notes” detailing the exchange with Client (required)

  7. Submit

* Please note that lessons updated to Insufficient Notice before the cut-off time will revert back to their original status.