If a teacher reaches out to a student requesting a lesson time change, this will be treated as a teacher cancelling the lesson and making an attempt to reschedule. If the student is not available at the requested time and chooses to not have the lesson at all, regardless of whether this falls after the eligibility cut-off time, the student will not be penalized. 

We do ask that teachers remain as consistent as possible. We understand that cancellations happen and no one wants an empty block of time during the day, if they can fill it with a student and possibly end the day earlier. 

However, inviting this dialogue with a student is not something we condone and students will not be penalized for what can be perceived as inconsistency on the teacher’s part. Understandably, teachers do not appreciate when students reach out at the last minute to change the lesson time. For the sake of fairness, consistency and transparency, this will work both ways.  

Bottom line: teachers should be careful about reaching out last minute to ask students to move their lesson time.