Beginning in August 2020, clients will have the option to “reallocate” missed lessons. Reallocating missed lessons is the act of appropriating the value towards a different means of fulfillment. 

Remember that Forbes Music will no longer “roll over” lessons. This means that it will not be possible to credit lessons to subsequent billing cycles. To that end, if a student missed a lesson, there will be other options available to them to satisfy their purchase value.

For example, if a student cancels an in-home lesson and their teacher is not available for an in-home make-up lesson, the student can reallocate this missed lesson to work with a different teacher, reschedule as an online lesson, schedule multiple online “office hours,” or exchange for virtual class credits. 

Note: if a teacher cancels a lesson, students will have all the same options available to them as above, including the option to receive a refund for the teacher cancellation.