Forbes Music prides itself on being a concierge for teachers. We’re like your administrative assistant here to help you succeed, and take care of your dirty work! Rather than teachers being burdened with updating the system, all calendar updates will be the administrator’s responsibility. This is our way of helping you, and making sure all coordinated activities are updated properly and records are kept accurate. 

Client confirmation is critical before rescheduling a lesson in the system. To reschedule a lesson to a new date and time, simply flag the lesson to be rescheduled and include the details for the administrator to execute. Please, do not flag a lesson to be rescheduled unless you have confirmation from the client for this change. 

Important details to include in the Flagged Lesson message are:

  • Location (in-home or online)

  • If Online - what platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.)?

  • What day is this moving to? 

  • What time is this moving to? 

  • Are there any other details changing (Student, Instrument, Lesson length)?

From changing the location of a lesson (e.g. rescheduling an in-home lesson to an online lesson), to rescheduling a lesson to a new date and time, teachers have some flexibility with how they choose to make themselves available. Bear in mind that clients can reallocate missed lessons—meaning they can exchange any missed lessons for class credits, or choose to simply be refunded for any teacher cancellations.