If a teacher needs to cancel an upcoming lesson, there are a few steps to take. First, log into your account, and update the lesson with the appropriate status.

Updating a Lesson

  1. Nav-> Calendar

  2. Select “Calendar”

  3. Identify and select the lesson being canceled

  4. Click the “Complete” option

  5. Scroll to the status section and update the status to “Advance Cancel; Teacher”

  6. Add “Internal Notes” detailing the reason for canceling (required)

  7. Submit

Next, reach out to the student directly to let them know you will be away and unavailable during the scheduled lesson time. Be certain to choose a communication channel with documentation like email or text. 

Last, alert the office that you will be away, and note any arrangements made with the client to reschedule or make up the lesson. 

As an alternative to the last step, you can flag a lesson, and include details regarding the cancellation and any reschedule arrangements made with the client. This will alert the administrator, who can then update the records accordingly and send confirmation, if needed.