Emergencies happen, and we want to be sensitive to clients’ needs while making sure teachers do not bear an unfair burden for loss of work. There is no clear solution to this situation, as every instance is different and nuanced.

As a matter of policy, a client no-show or lack of sufficient notice will result in a forfeited lesson. Exceptions may be made in highly unusual circumstances. An example of that might include a lockdown at school as a result of a terrorist threat. Children waking up with a fever or sore throat, however, will generally not qualify as a medical emergency. 

Unusual circumstances may require unique or unorthodox solutions, that help satisfy a client’s request without being unduly burdensome to teachers. If a client reaches out to a teacher directly to cancel without sufficient notice, or if they reach out afterwards to attempt to reschedule, teachers can feel comfortable passing the request to the office administrator to explain the policy, or make arrangements for accommodation, if necessary.