We make every effort to put teachers in position to be successful. The value that music teachers bring into the lives of students is immeasurable. However, it’s possible that, on occasion, a family may not foster a comfortable environment where teachers can deliver a great product. 

If a teacher feels uncomfortable or unwelcome in the home of a client, please let the office know. Safety and security is of utmost importance, and we can make arrangements to reassign a student with another teacher should the fit be less than optimal. 

Tips to avoid uncomfortable situations:

  • Avoid conducting lessons in bedrooms.

  • Avoid interaction on social media with clients or families.

  • Do not consume alcohol during of after the lessons    with students.

  • Do not discuss religion or politics. 

  • Keep your private life private. 

  • Do not punish students for mistakes. 

  • Do not raise your voice in anger.