Forbes Music makes an effort to create and build strong relationships with all students, and match each with an experienced and talented teacher, capable of communicating complex concepts and ideas, and delivering positive experiences along the way. 

Teachers often teach lessons on their secondary or tertiary instrument. A principal vocalist or guitarist may teach piano; a principal violist may teach violin or cello. On some occasions, a student may make such extraordinary progress, that their skills may surpass that of their teacher. If a teacher begins to feel that their student may require more advanced level training than they are able to provide, we can help. 

A great teacher will never stand in the way of their student’s growth. And while great musicians and teachers will always be able to work with any student on musicality and some stylistic nuance, when it comes time to focus on technique, a more suitable approach may be in the student’s best interest. 

Just reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to make sure the student is well taken care of. We’ll help with your lesson planning, or help make a transition to a new teacher a seamless one.