Upon accepting a new Student Inquiry, the teacher will be notified if the prospective student chooses to work with them. It is the client’s choice which teacher with whom they choose to work.

The teacher will then receive a "New Student Information" text, alerting them that they have been matched with a new student who has chosen to work with them. By logging into the teacher account, you will find all the pertinent details about your new client. Additionally, the first lesson will be scheduled in your calendar.

If a teacher has been matched with a student, but cannot accommodate the student’s preferences for any reason, or subsequently chooses to not to work with the student, the teacher must notify Forbes Music Company immediately, prior to contacting the student, so that the student may be reassigned.

When a Forbes Music teacher accepts a new student, the teacher must reach out to the new student by telephone before the student’s first scheduled lesson – to introduce themselves, confirm driving and parking information, and answer any client questions about the first lesson.