Once a week, teachers will have a scheduled call with an FMC admin to discuss the current schedule, and any previous or upcoming scheduling issues. These calls are referred to as SOS Calls (an apt acronym for “State Of the Schedule”). 

This call will be scheduled at a consistent weekly time, determined by the teacher and FMC admin. It should not last more than 15 minutes. (We can always schedule an additional call if you need time to discuss a specific issue.)

The weekly SOS calls are a great opportunity to talk to the office about your needs, concerns, and achievements with students! Topics can range from educational methods to strategies dealing with behavioral issues to using special features…anything you would like to discuss (along with some topics the office will be discussing with all teachers on a given week, including progress reporting). 

It is the teacher's responsibility to update the office about the current state of their present schedule. If anything is incorrect in the calendar, the teacher must notify the office, flag the lesson, or use any number of convenient ways to communicate with an administrator.