Because most students choose to take consistent weekly lessons, Forbes Music teachers make the effort to teach the same specific day(s) of the week, each week, to teach those students with whom they are working. Teachers will be matched with students based on criteria including but not limited to schedule availability, age preferences, stylistic interests, ability level, location, special needs, and special requests by prospective student(s). Referrals are the most flattering compliment a teacher can receive, and Forbes Music will always make the effort to connect a referred student to the referred teacher.

Upon being matched with a potential student, teachers will receive a "Student Inquiry" by text detailing the prospective student's information such as location, availability, and special notes. Teachers can accept or decline each new student by text. When a teacher accepts a student that indicates a willingness to include that student into their current roster. It is possible that multiple teachers may be matched with the same potential student, and therefore, more than one teacher may receive the same “Student Inquiry”. Because prospective students are waiting to hear back about available teachers, it is imperative that you respond to these inquiries as quickly as possible.

Forbes Music teachers must clearly represent their schedule, location availability, and specific preferences, so that teachers are only passed along students that fit those parameters within which they choose to work. It is important to remember that if a teacher accepts a new student, it is their responsibility to make an effort in full faith to accommodate the new student's request for scheduling lessons. If a teacher is unclear or would like clarification in any regard, it is important to inquire with Forbes Music Company before accepting a new student.