Important Note: This is not your contract and this is not a substitute for your contract. This is intended for the sole purpose of highlighting some, but not all, of the terms of the contract. This does not excuse you from reading the entire contract for a full and complete understanding of your rights and obligations. 



This section further details the selected service the Contractor will perform and explains that before a teacher can work with new students, the teacher must accept the student inquiry and provide scheduling options.

Teachers can not accept payment directly from clients for services. Clients will be auto-billed, or can manually pay on our website, through our invoicing system. Accepting end of the year holiday gifts are acceptable. 

This section also explains that Forbes Music does not train, and that teachers are experience in the means and methods of delivering music Lessons and Classes. Also, all documents must be submitted prior to teaching so we can run background checks. 

Section H is very important and lists items critical to ensuring success. TL;DR: Be professional and follow Help Center policies. 

  1. Be on time for each Lesson or Class;

  2. Teach for the full length of the Lesson or Class;

  3. Be professional and courteous at all times;

  4. Contractor agrees to participate in weekly State of Schedule phone call meetings (SOS Calls) with a Forbes Music Company administrator to address related client, schedule, and lesson statuses and issues.

  5. No later than the 20th day of each month, Contractor must inform Company of the dates during the next (following) month that the Contractor is unavailable to be scheduled to teach Lessons or Classes. Contractor shall inform the Company by adding “Unavailability Dates” to Contractor’s calendar for the upcoming month. 

  6. Contractor agrees to furnish Company with scheduled lesson information for any students and clients identified as scheduling “Individually” or “Ad-Hoc” no less than 36 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson or service date, provided the lesson does not already appear on the calendar. 

  7. Contractor agrees to fulfill scheduled services and lessons on the agreed dates and times as scheduled in advance in accordance with their preferences and availability, unless other arrangements have been made and authorized by a Forbes Music Company administrator.

  8. In each In-Home or Online Private or Group Lesson or Class, abide by the guidelines for conduct of teachers as set forth in the Forbes Music Company Policies in the online Help Center; 

  9. Give a minimum of 48 hour notification of any teacher cancellation to students and to Forbes Music. Said notification must be delivered to Forbes Music by hand delivery or email to [email protected]

  10. Eligibility to reschedule canceled Lessons are subject to the Forbes Music Company cancellation and reschedule policy as outlined in the online Help Center. If the student or Contractor must cancel a Lesson, provided the Lesson satisfies the criteria for eligibility, the student may choose to either reschedule the Lesson or reallocate as defined in the online Help Center.. 

  11. Dress appropriately which includes NO ripped clothing or clothing with messages or images denoting drugs, sex or illicit activity.

  12. For In-Home Lessons with a student 17 years of age or under, Contractor agrees to only teach the student if an adult 18 years or older is on the premises for the duration of the lesson. If an adult of guardian 18 years of age or older is not present for the duration of the lesson, Contractor will not teach that lesson. 

  13. For On-line Lessons and Classes, Contractor must maintain a Professional Background (“Professional Background” shall mean no objectionable material in the video frame, including no sexually explicit material, images, text or other objectionable material, no distracting noise or other distracting scenery, or distracting activity going on at any time during the Lesson. The Lesson and Class shall take place in an appropriate room or studio that is clean, neat, well organized, and appropriate to conduct Lessons. Further, Lessons and Classes should not be given in front of a window during daylight hours, which makes it difficult for the student to see the Contractor.) 

  14. Contractor may NOT invite other attendees to Online Lessons, whether private or group, and may NOT invite attendees who are not officially in the group of students scheduled by Company to participate in Classes.  

  15. NEVER CONSUME ANY ALCOHOL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE IN THE 48 hours prior to any scheduled Class/ensemble/clinic or workshop or during any scheduled Class/ensemble/clinic or workshop.