Important Note: This is not your contract and this is not a substitute for your contract. This is intended for the sole purpose of highlighting some, but not all, of the terms of the contract. This does not excuse you from reading the entire contract for a full and complete understanding of your rights and obligations.



Section 4: Term and Termination

This section sets the commencement date of the contract and explains that the term of this contract is indefinite, until terminated by either party. 

Contractors are scheduled on an "as-needed" basis. This is due to the fact that students can choose from a variety of scheduling plans and are not obligated to schedule lessons each and every week with the same teacher. So there may be some variance in schedules from week to week and month to month. 

Teachers can make their own lesson plans and choose the books and materials that support their own preferred method of teaching. 

Teachers are responsible for their own business and travel expenses. Forbes Music does not reimburse for travel or other incurred expenses.

The remainder of this section explains that either Company or teachers may terminate this agreement for any reason at any time, by giving written notice to the other party at least 30 days prior to the specified date of termination

Section 5: Effects of Termination

In summary, this section explains that upon termination of the agreement, teacher will be paid up to and including the last day work was performed, after verification of performance of work and only if marked completed by the Contractor within the prescribed time frame.