Important Note: This is not your contract and this is not a substitute for your contract. This is intended for the sole purpose of highlighting some, but not all, of the terms of the contract. This does not excuse you from reading the entire contract for a full and complete understanding of your rights and obligations.



This is a very important part of the contract, and explains the protections against teachers soliciting business away from Forbes Music Company.  


  1. Don't steal students. Don't try to circumvent company policy. Don't try to give them to your friends or family. Don't have your friends or family contact them on your behalf. 
  2. Don't steal teachers. Same as above. 
  3. And IF teaching In-Home Lessons, we ask for exclusivity in that teachers are not working with other organizations (including yourself) in providing the exact same services that Forbes Music provides, in the same geographic areas specifically outlined in this section.

If the terms of this contract are violated, we will pursue remedies to the fullest extent the law will allow.

Summary Details

Contractor recognizes that Forbes Music has an interest in protecting its Trade Secrets and Confidential and Proprietary Information, and the purpose of the Agreement is to protect such Trade Secrets from disclosure. During the term of the Agreement and for a period of one (1) year immediately following termination of the Agreement, Contractors agree as follows:

Neither Contractor nor any immediate family member, directly or indirectly, may solicit or otherwise attempt to contact, directly or indirectly, including through the efforts of others on his behalf, any student associated with Forbes Music Company LLC and/or any school or facility with whom Forbes Music Company LLC provides music education services, whether or not Contractor actually provided services to that student or facility. This paragraph is intended to include any student receiving Private or Group In-Home or Online Lessons or has attended any Class. This paragraph is also intended to include any student who has been referred for any service provided by Forbes Music Company.

Neither Contractor nor any immediate family member, directly or indirectly, may solicit, directly or indirectly, any person who is a current employee or independent contractor of Forbes Music Company LLC to become an employee or independent contractor of any organization that is in direct or indirect competition with Forbes Music Company LLC. 

For those providing In-Home Lessons

Neither Contractor nor any immediate family member of the contractor, may, directly or indirectly, instruct or engage in any manner any student anywhere within a five mile radius of zip codes outlined in the contract, or engage in any business that is competitive with the business conducted by Forbes Music Company LLC, in providing Private or Group In-Home or Online Lessons.