Important Note: This is not your contract and this is not a substitute for your contract. This is intended for the sole purpose of highlighting some, but not all, of the terms of the contract. This does not excuse you from reading the entire contract for a full and complete understanding of your rights and obligations.


These are very typical contractual items found in almost any contractor agreement. 

Section 10: Assignment

The section titled Assignment explains that this contract can not be assigned to another business without consent. For example, if a teacher decides to "incorporate" themselves to separate their personal assets from those work related, this contract would still apply to the person and not the new business entity.  

Section 11: Indemnification

TL;DR: If Forbes Music gets sued for something the teacher does, or as a result of the teacher's conduct or negligence, the teacher will bear responsibility for it, and compensate Forbes Music for damages. 

Section 12: Alternative Dispute Resolution

TL;DR: We generally try to resolve any disputes informally. If a dispute is not resolved informally, parties may, by agreement, submit the dispute to mediation. If a dispute is not resolved by mediation, parties may submit the controversy to arbitration.