Google Meet is a free video and audio conferencing platform that only requires users to have an account with Google to create and schedule meetings. Google Meet supports audio, video, screen sharing, and up to 100 users per call.  

Signing Up for Google

To set up a meeting using Google Meet you'll need a free account with Google. If you'd like to use Google Meet for online lessons and you don't already have an account with Google, you can create a free account on Google’s Sign-Up Page.


What You Need to Integrate with FMC

You'll need to first create a meeting in Google and save the unique URL that links to your Google Meeting. 

Follow these steps to create a Meeting in Google and access the Meeting URL:

  1. Go to Google Meet

  2. Click the “Join or start a meeting” button

  3. Name your meeting space and click "Continue"

Copy and paste the URL for your Meeting. The URL is permanent and has no expiration date, so it can be used to access your Meeting over and over again without needing to create a new meeting each time.