**As of 6/1/2022, this is a temporary bonus. While it may become permanent in the future, it's not guaranteed. There is no termination date set, and teachers will be continued to be kept informed of the status. 

Here's how it works: This incentive amount will be applied as a percentage bonus on top of the hourly rate. The more lessons you teach, the higher the percentage bonus.

Tiers are broken up by accumulated hours for a two-week, biweekly pay period, and apply to in-home lessons only. 

Tier 1: 4.5 hours - 14.9 hours = 1.5% bonus

Tier 2: 15 hours - 24.9 hours = 2% bonus

Tier 3: 25 hours+ = 2.5% bonus

The moral of the story, the more in-home lessons, the more gas relief.

The Fine Print 

Our goal is to continuously improve alignment between Forbes Music and our fabulous teachers. This is a good faith bonus and a perk; however, it is not in your contract, nor is it a contractual right. Don't abuse the system.  

Not all lessons are created equal. This will only apply to completed lessons, insufficient notice, and no-shows. Some administrative discretion may apply.